Crypto News 16 Dec 2022

Please find below today’s Crypto News 16 Dec Headlines

Crypto News 16 Dec #1 – France may oblige crypto platforms to obtain licenses

As opposed to countries like Singapore, where crypto firms must be licensed, French regulations mandate that crypto firms be registered. In addition to mandatory registration, crypto firms operating in France can receive optional licenses for additional benefits—such as the possibility to apply for a French bank account.

Crypto News #2 – Russian Social Media Giant Vkontakte Launches NFT Service

Russia’s largest social network, Vkontakte, has launched a feature allowing users to upload digital collectibles to the platform. Account holders will also be able to buy and sell them in the future as the company intends to establish a marketplace for non-fungible tokens.

Crypto News 16 Dec #3 – PayPal To Offer ETH Transactions With MetaMask Integration

Users of PayPal will soon be able to purchase ETH through its service, as the payments firm has revealed it is working on a MetaMask Web3 wallet integration. The integration will allow PayPal users to buy and transfer their ETH from PayPal to MetaMask. PayPal MetaMask Integration.

Crypto News #4 – Opera launches security tools to protect users against malicious Web3 actors

Opera launches security tools to protect users against malicious Web3 actors. Web3 browser Opera has announced a new set of security tools intended to help its users mitigate common risks associated with malicious actors in the Web3 ecosystem.

Crypto News 16 Dec #5 – Whale Addresses Have Bought $726 Million in BTC in the Past 9 Days

Bitcoin wallet addresses with 100 to 10,000 BTC bought another $726 million worth of coins in 9 days. The sharks and whales activity highlight the continued accumulation of BTC as market navigates the recent FTX- fueled crash.

Crypto News #6 – FCA’s incoming chair calls for further crypto regulation

FCA Chair Calls for Stricter Regulations on Platforms Promoting Crypto By PYMNTS Listen to Article Posted on September 6, 2021 Charles Randell, head of the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has said regulators in the country should be given more power to protect consumers from shady cryptocurrency investments promoted online.

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Crypto News 16 Dec #7 – Over $111k Transacted Between Terra Classic And Osmosis Within 24 Hours Of IBC Reopening

Terra Classic community members have transacted over $111k via the Inter Blockchain Communication channel between the Terra Classic network and Osmosis on the first day of reopening, per a tweet from community influencer Classy (@ClassyCrypto_).

Crypto News #8 – SBF Is Being Kept In One Of The Harshest Prison In World

Former crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried is being held in a prison that is claimed to be one of the harshest in the world. The prison infested with rats and maggots, has been declared as “unfit for humanity” by one of the wardens, New York Post reported. SBF will stay in the Bahamas’ only correctional facility until February 8th, 2023.

Crypto News 16 Dec #9 – Ripple CTO and Deaton Blast Kevin O’Leary For Blaming Binance For FTX Collapse

O’Leary lays the blame for the FTX collapse on Binance, baffling the crypto community. Shark Tank star and serial investor Kevin O’Leary, AKA Mr. Wonderful, in a senate banking committee hearing on the FTX collapse yesterday, blamed the collapse of the crypto exchange on competing crypto exchange Binance.

Crypto News #10 – SEC charges eight in $100M social media securities fraud

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged eight social media influencers in a $100 million securities fraud scheme, according to a Wednesday press release. The regulator said the individuals used Twitter and messaging app Discord to promote stocks they had purchased, then would dump shares after telling their followers to buy them.

Crypto News 16 Dec #11 – Gemini Suffers Huge Data Breach, 5.7 Million Emails Leaked

Gemini Suffers Huge Data Breach, 5.7 Million Emails Leaked. The crypto industry received more bad news today, as it emerged that the Gemini Exchange had suffered a significant data leak, putting 5.7 million customer emails at risk.

Crypto News 16 Dec #12 – Elizabeth Warren Crypto Bill Steps Toward a Digital Dictatorship

The details of how Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to regulate crypto have emerged, and they’re frightening on another level.

The staunch anti-crypto Democrat has released her proposed crypto legislation. However, it is full of gaping holes showing that she clearly does not understand the underlying technology.

The bill is intended to require the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to issue guidance on digital assets. In other words, she wants to treat the industry and asset class as criminal entities.

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