Crypto News 19 Oct 2022

Please find below today’s Crypto News 19 Oct Headlines

  • Crypto News 1 – Shiba Inu (SHIB) Ranks Second As Most Secure Crypto Project on CertiK.

A security leaderboard conducted by CertiK ranks Shiba Inu (SHIB) as the second most secure cryptocurrency project. Shiba Inu received a 93% trust score from CertiK, a security research firm focused on the crypto, web3, and Defi industries. In the CertiK security Leaderboard, Shiba Inu is only second to Ethereum scaling solution Polygon.

  • Crypto News 2 – 48,000 Dormant Bitcoin on the Move, Including 32K Stagnant for 3 to 5 years.

Out of the 48K, BTC tokens moved, 32K had been dormant for 3 to 5 years, as revealed by CryptoQuant author Maartun. These age-old BTC tokens represent over 66% of the total amount of tokens recently moved. Maartun cited the Bitcoin: Spent Output Age Bands indicator.

  • Crypto News 3 – Coinbase mulls lawsuit against users who made millions from pricing error.

Coinbase may sue about 1,000 users in the republic of Georgia for taking advantage of a pricing glitch. On Aug. 29, about 1,000 Coinbase users in the country straddling Europe and Asia exploited the “arbitrage opportunity” when the lari, the local currency, was priced at $290 rather than $2.90 for about six hours on Coinbase.

  • Crypto News 4 – FTX Transfers 50K ETH To Voyager Amid Investigation.

FTX Transfers 50K ETH To Voyager Amid Investigation Oct 18, 202200:13 Crypto exchange FTX on Tuesday transferred 50K ETH to crypto lender Voyager Digital’s main wallet. The crypto exchange acquired Voyager Digital assets worth $1.4 billion last month, outbidding rival crypto exchange Binance.

  • Crypto News 5 – Web3 infrastructure firm ChainSafe raises $18.75M as attention shifts to GameFi.

Canadian Web3 infrastructure company ChainSafe has closed an $18.75 million funding round that was backed by prominent industry venture firms, putting the company on track to expand operations at a time when the demand for blockchain infrastructure and gaming services is on the rise.

  • Crypto News 6 – Flipkart joins eDAO and launches shopping in the metaverse.

Flipkart, in partnership with eDAO has launched global art, media, and entertainment IPs at scale into the world of Web3. The company announced the launch of Flipverse – a metaverse space where consumers can discover products in a photorealistic virtual destination and shop on the Flipkart App.

  • Crypto News 7 – Mango Markets Hacker Outs Himself, Returns $67M.

Avraham Eisenberg, who claims to be a member of the group that drained $114 million from the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Mango Markets last week, returned $67 million to the Solana-based Defi hub on Saturday while defending his actions as legal and highly profitable.

  • Crypto News 8 Walmart CTO Says Crypto Will Become Major Payments Tool.

Chief Technology Officer at Walmart, Suresh Kumar, believes that crypto will be used in the future by customers to pay for virtual goods and services.

  • Crypto News 9 – Uplift DAO Inks Partnership with MoonPay to Make Web3 Investing Easier.
  • Uplift and MoonPay seek to lower the entry barrier into Web3 investing
  • The partnership will offer a simple on-ramp for users to buy and sell crypto.
  • Investors can tap into the offering for seamless access to top Web3 projects and early-stage IDOs.
  • Crypto News 10 – Interpol reportedly creates a dedicated unit to fight crypto crimes.

The International Criminal Police Organization is reportedly planning to strengthen its crackdown on cryptocurrency-related crimes by forming a dedicated division.

Interpol, the world’s largest global police organization, has set up a special team in Singapore to help governments fight crimes involving virtual assets.

  • Crypto News 11 – Shiba Inu Community Burns 396 Million SHIB Tokens In 7 Days.

Shiba Inu Community Burns 396 Million SHIB Tokens In 7 Days By On Oct 17, 2022, The Shiba Inu community has been very committed to its SHIB burn since it was implemented. This burn was started to reduce the supply of a cryptocurrency in a bid to increase the value of the coins.

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