Crypto News 2 Oct 2022

Please find below today’s Crypto News 2 Oct Headlines

  • Crypto News 1 – Cardano-Based Meme Coin Soars 17% as It Becomes Most Engaged Project This Week, Per Charles Hoskinson.

Cardano founder names the most engaged token on the network that has surpassed Djed stablecoin. Charles Hoskinson has retweeted a list of top crypto projects based on the Cardano network that has gained the most engagement on various social media in the past seven days. The leader has overtaken the stablecoin of Djed.

  • Crypto News 2 – Vechain holds 535 million $ in bitcoin.

VeChain Reveals Its Massive Bitcoin ReserveVeChain holds $535 million reserves in BitcoinOctober 1, 2022Enterprise blockchain leader VeChain released its second-quarter financial report on Friday as part of its commitment to transparency. The balance sheet shows that in the end of Q2, the firm had assets.

  • Crypto News 3 – OpenSea Has Delisted Several Azuki Non-fungible Tokens.

OpenSea Has Delisted A few Azuki Non-fungible Crypto Tokens – 2 min by Wayne Jones October 1, 2022, 79 views The non-fungible token (NFT) prominent characters, Azuki, have ended the week on a bad term as OpenSea has reportedly delisted a few of their collectibles today.

  • Crypto News 4 – Uniswap Seeks to Raise $200 Million in Fresh Capital at $1 Billion Valuation.

Uniswap is seeking roughly $100 to $200 million in fresh capital and could print a post-valuation of around $1 billion. To date, Uniswap has raised around $12.8 billion from investors. Following the $1.8 million seed round in April 2019, the Uniswap team raised another $11 million in a Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).

  • Crypto News 5 – U.S. Based Top Company “Rooms To Go” Now Accepts Shiba Inu (SHIB) Payments.

BitPay, the world’s leading cryptocurrency payment provider, stated that Shiba Inu holders could use the crypto asset to buy furniture from Room To Go, the third-largest furniture maker in the United States. The development comes after BitPay disclosed that the top U.S. furniture maker now accepts cryptocurrency payments for its goods.

  • Crypto News 6 – Nexo-labeled address withdraws $153M in Wrapped BTC from MakerDAO.

Just a few days after market analysts predicted a 50% drop in NEXO price due to regulatory pressure and investor concerns, a crypto wallet address labeled as NEXO 0x8fd withdrew 7,758.8 Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) — roughly worth $153 million — from MakerDAO.

  • Crypto News 7 – US Facebook and Instagram Users Can Share NFTs Across Platforms.

Users of Facebook and Instagram in the U.S. can now share non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on social media platforms by connecting their digital wallets to them. Meta announced Thursday that the new feature, which is finally live, also allows users to cross-post the NFTs they have in possession.

  • Crypto News 8 Cosmos to roll out native USDC through Interchain.

Cosmos concluded September with an announcement that might set the pace for an interesting future. The blockchain network plans to roll out USDC natively on its interchain platform.

  • Crypto News 9 – Bitcoin volume spikes with market uncertainty in the UK.

It was shared by the team from Coinshares and highlights bitcoin trading volume in the U.K. earlier this week while the British pound was in free fall. As you can see, volumes exploded to just under $900 million, reaching their highest level in more than two years. It’s hard to discern the intent of those who were trading bitcoin in size over in the U.K. It could have been people looking to take advantage of quickly developing arbitrage opportunities, people looking to sell bitcoin to get liquidity to service failing trades, or people looking to purchase bitcoin as a hedge against rapid currency debasement.

  • Crypto News 10 – Federal Reserve governor says crypto activities ‘raise a number of significant issues.

Federal Reserve governor Michelle W. Bowman has acknowledged that despite the growth of cryptocurrencies they are an area of concern, especially in relation to the banking sector.

  • Crypto News 11 – 1.74 Billion Shiba Inu Burnt in September, 268 Million In 24 Hours, 257 Million In One Transaction.

The Shiba Inu Community destroyed 1.74 Billion Shiba Inu (SHIB) in September, 268.16 Million in the Past 24 Hours, and 257.49 Million in one transaction. 1Cent Token, SHIB Super Store, and are recognized as the “Biggest SHIB Burner of the Month.” Shibburn recently released a SHIB Burn figure for September.

  • Crypto News 12 – Solana Restores Network; Big Validators Still Struggling.

Solana (SOL) Restores Network; Big Validators Still Struggling 1 min by Ashish Kumar October 1, 2022, 65 views After suffering a major network outage, the Solana (SOL) blockchain tech is reportedly back up and running successfully.

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