Crypto News 26 Sep 2022

Please find below today’s Crypto News 26 Sep Headlines

  • Crypto News 1 – Russia Starts developing mechanisms for international crypto payments.

Financial authorities in Russia have begun work on a mechanism to facilitate the employment of cryptocurrencies for settlements with other nations amid sanctions.

  • Crypto News 2 – Shiba Inu Adds nearly 36,000 holders Since June Despite Crypto Market Turmoil.

Shiba Inu Adds Nearly 36,000 Holders Since June Despite Crypto Market Turmoil September 25, 2022 by Best Quotes The value pattern of Shiba Inu has been following the remainder of the cryptocurrency market and stays detrimental.

  • Crypto News 3 – Shiba Inu Fashion Event Coming to Italy.

Italian fashion brand John Richmond has shared a video clip to promote its recent collaboration with meme token Shiba Inu. An exclusive event that showcases the results of the tie-up is expected to take place in Milano, the capital of Lombardy.

  • Crypto News 4 – LUNC investors react to CZ’s 1.2% trading tax recommendation on Binance.

LUNC investors react to CZ’s 1.2% trading tax recommendation on Binance Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, recommended a flat 1.2% trading tax on LUNC trades that could be burned to reduce the token’s total supply and improve its price performance.

  • Crypto News 5 – Southeast Asia’s Largest Bank DBS Launches Self-Directed crypto Trading Amid Institutional Demand.

Southeast Asia’s Largest Bank DBS Launches Self-Directed Crypto Trading Amid Institutional Demand The largest bank in Southeast Asia, DBS, has launched self-directed cryptocurrency trading via its app.

  • Crypto News 6 – JPMorgan: Demand for Crypto as Payment Method Has Drastically Declined.

Demand for cryptocurrencies as a payment method has drastically declined over the past six months, according to Takis Georgakopoulos, global head of payments at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

  • Crypto News 7 – Asia’s Largest Web3 Event TOKEN2049 Exclusively Unveils NFT Assets valued Over US$100 Million.

TOKEN2049, Asia’s premier crypto conference, announced that it will be showcasing a first-of-its-kind, immersive NFT experience, entitled the OP3N WHALE NFT Exhibition, at its upcoming Singapore edition from 28 to 29 September.

  • Crypto News 8 Disney is hiring a transaction Lawyer for aggressive NFT and Defi plans LinkedIn Post.

Disney hiring transaction lawyer for ‘aggressive’ NFT and DeFi plans: LinkedIn post The Walt Disney Company is looking to hire a transaction lawyer to explore emerging technology opportunities, including NFTs, working at an “accelerated and aggressive timeline,” according to a job posting on LinkedIn.

  • Crypto News 9 – Space MMOs venture into the world of NFTs

Space MMOs venture into the world of NFTs Ever since Johannes Kepler and Jules Verne invented the space genre it has kept expanding the frontiers of our imaginations. In recent decades it has expanded into computer games, MMO games, and now into the world of NFTs and the metaverse.

  • Crypto News 10 – Oraichain Labs US Broadens Access via Tokenization.

Oraichain Labs US hopes to democratize access to financial resources markets with its cutting-edge, security-focused blockchain tech implementation. The New York-based FinTech firm has launched a Layer-2 network over the Oraichain Mainnet that enables tokenized investment fractionalization and features a new security crypto token standard.

  • Crypto News 11 – Kenyan Central Bank says it’s ‘Craziness’ to convert the country’s reserves to Bitcoin.

The Kenyan central bank governor Patrick Njoroge has described as “craziness” the calls to convert Kenya’s reserves into bitcoin. He added that he would have to be out of his mind before agreeing to this. Njoroge argued that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are not only volatile but are hardly solving any problem.

  • Crypto News 12 – Bitcoin is 100 times better than gold, Michael Saylor says.

Bitcoin is digital gold, it’s 100x better than gold,” Saylor said during the Money Festival hosted by MarketWatch on Wednesday. Bitcoin has a market cap of around $365 billion, according to data by TradingView on Sunday. Bitcoin Will Hit $500,000 in 10 Years.

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