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MetaRuffy Coin is an open world in the Metaverse based on the latest technology which merges together, web 3.0, blockchain, VR, and AR. We have made it our business to dominate the entertainment area in the Metaverse which means We are building an open world “RUFFY World“ with different subject areas:

  • Spa Resorts Relaxing-Zones
  • Entertainment Stadium
  • Pubs, Bars, and Clubbing-Areas
  • Social gaming
  • Dating
  • NFT Marketplace

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Who Are the Founders of MetaRuffy Coin?

The founder and CEO of MetaRuffy Coin is CIHAN.

MetaRuffy Coin Price History

MetaRuffy Coin Price

Today (31 Dec 2022)$0.000004862
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MetaRuffy Coin Website Details

Global Rank3,412,653
Country Rank133,729
CountryUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai
Category Rank2,055
Total Visits7.8K
Bounce Rate71.72%

MetaRuffy Coin Website Traffic Details

United Arab Emirates35.83%

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MetaRuffy Coin LooBr

Ruffy World is a cross-platform open virtual world. Where interactions, passive income, streams of live concerts, movie nights, and other entertaining activities are the essence of its environment.

LooBr brings together players, creators, and traders under one roof and adds a custom-designed social media interactive feature.
Players can trade RuffyWorld™ assets such as wearable NFTs, skins, and tickets for live events.
Creators have a place to gain visibility and sell their art in the form of NFTs.
Traders can trade verified NFTs from verified creators (KYC by Verify).
Social media users can post, chat, like, comment, and socialize to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content with family, friends, or favorite creators. We are also proud to offer end-to-end encrypted chat to ensure every participant’s privacy.

LooBr STAGE offers the opportunity to host podcasts and or live voice chats within the marketplace. Thus, allowing people to collaborate, discuss and enhance their knowledge or their interest within the NFT space. Creators and Traders can connect and establish a real relationship. As an NFT Deign or Creator, you do not need to use various social media platforms anymore. Within LooBr you get direct
access to potential investors and have the ability to talk with them.

LooBr STAGE shows that the current trend of discussion platforms needs to be included in NFT marketplaces. Easier access to potential buyers and collaboration opportunities.

Within the LooBr DAO system, investors and users will be able to use their own ideas and propose them to the platform. Together with everyone we are able to adjust LooBr™ the way we want and improve its usability and attractiveness.

The DAO voting structure will be explained in detail in the next few weeks. For voting and creating proposals, a person has to hold an MR token.

The LooBr Mystery Box consists of various packages that can be used within the Ruffy
World. Allowing people to open packages and enjoy virtual perks. Furthermore, mystery boxes
have the potential to give their buyers land plots in a high-traffic area.

Mystery Boxes will be released soon for a very affordable price.

With LooBr, you do not simply buy an NFT; you purchase its entire history. A unique LooBr feature transfers all the statistical data collected, such as trade history, likes, comments, replies, and social media interactions from the initial NFT minting. Each aspect is given a value, which along with the owner’s score, composes each NFT’s unique LooBr Score.

After purchase, you can re-list or exhibit your NFT, knowing that the LooBr score does not only remain with it but continues collecting and adding data for as long as you own it.

LooBr points for users (owner)
• KYC = 1000 points
• Bio completed = 5 points
• Social links, each field = 5 points
• Profile pic = 5 points
• Profile banner = 5 points
• Sold NFT = 25 points
• Purchased NFT = 25 points

LooBr points for NFTs (NFT+owner)
• 1 view = 1 point
• 1 like = 2 points
• 1 comment = 3 points
• 1 share = 1 point

How To Buy MetaRuffy Coin?

MetaRuffy is a rug-proof deflationary ERC20 token on the ETHEREUM Chain.

Download & setup MetaMask or TrustWallet
Download MetaMask (a crypto wallet in form of a browser extension) or TrustWallet (an app for your mobile phone).

Head over to Uniswap, connect your wallet, and swap your ETH for the $MR Token!
Click here to head on over to Uniswap or use this contract address (please always verify the contract address).
Contract: 0xa4Cb3ef5f41a4D89D6FCed22ea8a1C57957629Aa


MetaRuffy International FZCO is an international trademark and a fully
registered company in Dubai.
We are an international core team from all around the world, fully Doxxed and ready
to change the Crypto Space.
MetaRuffy is building its own Ecosystem. We have launched two products for
the crypto space already;

  • The first product is RuffyWorld a Cross Platform Metaverse
  • The second product is LooBr a Cross-Chain Social-Network NFT Marketplace.

The vision and mission of MetaRuffy have always been to become better than yesterday and foster our product development close to perfection.


What is MetaRuffy Crypto?

MetaRuffy is an open world in the Metaverse based on the latest technology which merges together, web 3.0, blockchain, VR, and AR. We have made it our business to dominate the entertainment area in the Metaverse which means We are building an open world “RUFFY World“ with different subject areas.

Who is the founder of MetaRuffy Crypto?

The founder of MetaRuffy is CIHAN.

What is the total supply of MetaRuffy Crypto coins?

The total supply of MetaRuffy is 300,000,000,000 MR coins.

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