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Publish0x Introduction

Publish0x is a publishing platform that rewards both writers and readers.

Publish0x is a great platform for readers and content writers. You can earn money by sharing your views via posts and also by reading others’ views. Tipping the users is free and doesn’t cost you any money.

It is one of the best crypto-related platforms, where content readers and writers can earn crypto easily while learning a lot about cryptos.

Publish0x is the best platform where you can learn about what is happening in the crypto world. If you’re not the content writer, no worries, because you could still earn by reading. In short, it’s an ideal place for both writers and readers.

Sign up with and start earning free cryptocurrency today.

Publish0x Login

  • Goto
  • Click Sign up & Earn Crypto
  • You can sign up with Facebook, sign up with Twitter, or sign up with Email
  • Fill in details – Email Address, Password, Confirm Password
  • Solve Captcha
  • Click Register
  • Click Login
  • Enter details – Email Address, Password, Solve Captcha.
  • Click Login with Email
Publish0x Login

Publish0x earning options

Earn Crypto as Author

Publish0x is a crypto publishing platform through which content publishers and their readers can earn crypto. When you publish content, your readers can tip you.

Readers have the option to send a micro tip to the authors and get a portion of the tip for themselves. Tips are free for both reader and author and come from the publish0x rewards pool.

To become an author, you need to send in your application by going to your Dashboard at and clicking on the ‘Become an author’ button. Just fill out the application form and Publish0x will review your application within 24 hours.

Once you’ve been approved as an author by publish0x, you can create one or more blogs, and then publish posts under those blogs.

To create a blog, go to the Dashboard and click on ‘Your Blogs’ from the dropdown menu.

Once on the Blogs page, simply fill out all the required info, add your images (optional, but preferable), and then click on the ‘Create a Blog’ button. Now you can write your first post.

To write a new post, go to your Dashboard and click on the ‘Write New Post’ button. From there, you can select under which blog you want to post the article, input the title of the post, write the actual post or insert your Youtube video inside.

When you’re done writing your post, add a cover image and confirm that you own the rights to the content that you are publishing.

Finally, click on ‘Save’.

Writers can see all of their posts by clicking on the ‘Your Posts’ button in the Dashboard. From here, you can edit your post, or publish it live on the website.

Your first post has been published. Now your readers can tip you and earn crypto themselves.

Earn Crypto as Readers

Not all of us are good at writing articles or recording videos. Some of us just like to read.

On Publish0x, reward not just publishing, but reading too!

At the bottom of every post, you will see a ‘tipper’. The tipper is a sliding scale, you choose what percentage of the reward you want to keep yourself, and how much you want to tip the author. You tip the author by clicking on the big, obvious ‘Tip’ button.

Publish0x Ambassador Program

Earn Crypto by inviting your friends to publish0x

When you are a Publish0x Ambassador, you earn 5% of every tip a user you refer gives to an author. For life…

All you need to do is share your ambassador link with your friends. When they register with that link, you’ll earn 5% of all the tips they give to authors. Please note that neither your friends nor the author will be earning less from this.

Your ambassador link can also be attached to any post. Simply add your affiliate ID at the end of any URL on Publish0x.

Publish0x Withdrawal

Payouts are processed according to the schedule

When you request a payout, the publish0x team manually checks the request. Once your payout is accepted, your balance will be sent on the first Monday of next month.

The minimum threshold for a payout is $0.50 payable in an ETH or AMPL.

KuCoin Withdrawals

Next Payout Date for ETH and AMPL withdrawals to KuCoin: Every Monday.

Minimum withdrawal to KuCoin: $0.5 in ETH or AMPL, respectively.

On-Chain Withdrawals

On-Chain Withdrawals of ETH and AMPL: Every week
On-Chain Withdrawals of STA on Fantom Network: Every Monday

Minimum On-Chain withdrawals for ETH and AMPL: $5 in ETH or AMPL.
Minimum On-Chain withdrawal for STA: $0.5 in STA

Disclaimer – This is a free-to-earn website. You cannot get rich with these types of websites. You can earn a small amount of money by working a few minutes per day from this website. Also please withdraw your earnings whenever you reach the minimum amount as we cannot say how long this website stay.


Is legit?

Yes, as per reviews available publish0x is a trusted, legit, and paying website to date.

How do you earn Crypto on Publish0x?

Publish0x is a crypto publishing platform through which content publishers and their readers can earn crypto. When you publish content, your readers can tip you.

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