What is Safemoon Coin?

Intro Safemoon Crypto

The safemoon coin is a type of cryptocurrency that is used to trade in the SafeMoon platform. The safemoon coin will be used as a means of payment for all SafeMoon Platform transactions.

The safemoon coin will be used as a means of payment for all SafeMoon Platform transactions. It is also possible that safemoon coin can only be earned on the SafeMoon platform and not on other platforms that use it as a means of payment.

SafeMoon Protocol will not be an exchange or an investment vehicle and will not expose investors to any risk or loss by purchasing or holding the safemoon coin directly or indirectly.

SafeMoon Coin Protocol Explained

Reflection refers to the process of announcing new trades. LP Acquisition refers to converting other currencies into SafeMoon at a fixed cost, which is then burned at the end of each trade. Burn refers to the conversion of SafeMoon into fiat currency at a fixed cost, which is then burned at the end of each trade.

The Safemoon website also states that the Safemoon Protocol (SMX) is “a decentralized and trustless cryptocurrency exchange protocol built on top of safeDEX”. safecoin safemoon coin Safemoon Protocol (SMX) is a decentralized and trustless cryptocurrency exchange protocol built on top of safeDEX

SafeDEX was originally built for Defi by X-Platform team member Chris Zaborowski in November 2016. It was first announced in the form of an alpha version in late December 2016, with a full release planned for Q2 2017. The project was launched as an open-source project on GitHub in March 2017 with X-Platform’s head office located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The project received its official name as such one month later with an announcement on April 23rd, 2017.

SafeCoin is based on SAFEcoin blockchain technology and uses smart contracts to execute trades between currency pairs while maintaining high security through both decentralization and censorship resistance. SafeCoin will be able to operate without centralized servers or databases as it uses smart contracts that run on-chain while still allowing legacy systems to function safely without risking their own data or client assets (including user wallets). It will be able to perform transactions with zero fees using its own blockchain infrastructure via smart contracts written by X-Platform engineers based on Ethereum’s Solidity language using SAFEcoin as its native cryptocurrency.

Safemoon Coin Price INR | Safemoon Coin Price in INR | Safemoon Coin Price in India

As per Coingecko, the price of Safemoon Coin is INR 0.13.


At first glance, SafeMoon appears to be a token that represents the services it offers, but there are actually two distinct tokens in use:

• SafeMoon (SBM) represents any successful transaction that takes place on the network. The SBM tokens are not tradable or transferrable.

• SafeMoon Protocol Token (SMPT) represents the emission of SBM tokens during a given trade and is a trading token that can be bought, sold, and transferred as needed.

The SafeMoon whitepaper details an architectural model of a decentralized exchange (dEx), where each customer places their order for an asset (such as ETH or BTC) and then receives some amount of SBM to represent the value they intend to receive when they complete the trade. The process is explained in much greater detail on their website.

The Safemoon token model is slightly different from what we’ve seen before: instead of having a pair of tokens represented in-game, each client uses one token for all transactions within the dEx — which is called safemoon coin (SBM). This differs from most dEx models where you’d need to use two coins for every transaction in order to protect yourself from double-spending (the problem with this approach is that you’re juggling two separate coins, one for each party involved in the trade).

SafeMoon uses an algorithm based on PoW consensus called Single Ordering Scheme (SOS). This algorithm requires no proof-of-stake mechanism whatsoever; instead, it uses proof-of-work combined with a smart contract governance system to incentivize miners to participate in its consensus system by providing them with “mining rewards” — which are actually Safemoon Tokens (SFT). All SFTs minted by miners will be used to purchase Safemoons emitted per successful transaction at an auction price which has been determined by the price per Safemoon Coin at the time of minting. Once all Safemoons have been issued per successful transaction, miners will continue buying Safemetals over time until all coins have been mined out of existence.

LP Acquisition

Through the use of decentralized financial trading systems, LP acquisition represents one of the most powerful tools for validating and funding projects. Although there are currently over a dozen blockchain-based decentralized platforms, none of them are able to offer this service for free.

SafeMoon is aiming to change that by providing users with an easy-to-use platform that allows anyone to issue, fund, and manage projects in a way that is practically impossible with current platforms.

The team behind SafeMoon can be found on their website where they have detailed information about each function in detail as well as how to get started using the platform.


The Burn function is a way to burn Safex tokens and get profits from other Safex holders. The Safex token hard fork occurred on October 14, 2018.

SafeMoon tokens are not bought or sold in any exchanges and can only be purchased via the Safex wallet.

There are two options for Burn:

1) You can purchase Safex Tokens with fiat currencies such as CAD, USD, GBP, or EUR.

2) You can buy SafeMoon Tokens with Ethereum (ETH) using the Ethereum classic (ETC) wallet address.

SafeMoon Tokens and SafeMoon Protocols have a specific purpose that is different from the safemoon coin and Safex coins, which are used to provide decentralized finance and network services to enable the trading of financial instruments in a borderless manner.

Like the safemoon coin and other safemoon protocol tokens given above, SafeMoon Tokens represent the value of an asset or property held by the holder at any given time; however, unlike the safemoon coins and fiduciary assets such as bonds that are backed by assets or properties owned by others such as corporations or governments, SAFE Token holders hold their own title to their assets/properties without recourse to others and without permission from others such as SAFE Token Holders themselves.

SafeMoon Protocol Token (SFT) will serve as a medium of exchange between SAFE Token Holders who use it exclusively in the SafeMoon Network; use of SFT is subject to this agreement between SAFE Token Holders holding SFT and SAFE Network Service Provider who uses SFT in accordance with this Agreement. This Agreement shall be binding on all parties regardless of whether they are residents of Canada or anywhere else, provided that their business activities do not involve any violation of applicable laws within Canada or elsewhere including but not limited to personal income tax provisions relating thereto. If any provision of this Agreement is found by a court in Canada or elsewhere to be invalid under any law applicable within Canada or elsewhere being an invalidity penalty provision then notwithstanding anything else in this agreement an affected party may elect to ignore such invalidity penalty provision for so long as it does not affect its obligations hereunder but it will still be binding upon it thereafter unless withdrawn by its affected party before becoming effective after which time it will no longer bind its affected party except insofar as its affected party’s rights under this Agreement may otherwise require otherwise than following effective withdrawal thereof. The Government of Canada shall have no liability.

Where to buy Safemoon Coin?

The top cryptocurrency exchanges to buy Safemoon Coin are:

  • Gate.io
  • Pancakeswap
  • Jubi
  • MEXC
  • Bitrue


There is a new cryptocurrency in 2018, SafeMoon. It has been launched by the Safemoon team, a group of people who are passionate about privacy, decentralization, and how people can build their own financial systems.

What makes this cryptocurrency unique is that it is the first token to offer:

• Reflection: This means that anyone who wants to invest in this project will be able to look at the balance of all SafeMoon Tokens. This token value reflects their confidence and their ability to invest in SafeMoon.

• LP Acquisition: This means that once you have made an investment, you will receive a certain percentage of your investment back as a safe moon token (“LP”).

• Burn: This means that once you have gotten your LP back, you can take another risk by burning your LP. In general, LP Acquisition and Burn (the three functions of each trade) are linked with each other. So if both LP Acquisition and Burn are successful then you will get more LP back for each risk taken out by burning your tokens.

These functions are not just theoretical values; they are very important for any cryptocurrency project in order for it to succeed. The Safemoon team understands the importance of these functions from a technical perspective (i.e., how does one acquire coins), but also from an ethical perspective (i.e., how does one put a value on something when everything is so new?). If we want this technology to grow we need to provide ways for people to use it effectively — we need them to feel like they are part of something significant and important — so we need them to feel like they can make money doing so! And we need them to feel like they know that they have done the right thing when they do make money!

We believe this product has some potential and can make a lot of money if its founders really stick with it and take their time releasing updates!

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